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The Unknown Sirr

‘Sirr’ bergumul
Malam kemilau
Sedesir ‘Ru’ melesat
Gerah senja menyanjung
Sanggah gemilang
Kulonjak, titis, mendecak
Sah, sudah
Rindu pun sirna


The struggle of ‘Sirr’
Is in the sheen of Night
As the blewshot of ‘Ru’
Flatters the sultry dusk
In a glorious rebuttal
I submerged, dripped, sighed
Confirmed, as it is
The longing has vanished


Author’s note:

Written in Dec 26, 2011 (facebook.com). The secret of Sirr (soulful vibration) quietly knocked my door. It is to be rejoiced with your Very Personal Self. Yet as astonishing as it might have sounded, it came from a dreamlike memories. Hence, once it is memorized, it’ll stay as a precious present for all time.