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My Romantic Letter to Omega (Universe) – Page 18



“There’s a great symbol in the sky

So complete as it is, interpreted into the multiverses of languages”


Do your chores, consume your good meal, have your decent prayers.

Multiply into goodness, care for each other, then.. as everything is ready in its precise moment, carry everything, everything… as far to the stars

As high as you can

(because you can)


Reconnect with the Divine

(because you can)

Did you notice recently? The aurora dance even quicker than lightning

Did you notice deeply? The most beautiful being already here to make their steps

Did you notice all over again? Everything is being fast-forwarded, no more rewind left behind.

“There’s an Open Gate

Formed as it is, by gentle arms”

“The storm has provided its role..”

It’s time to return Original, Starshines.