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Document to Kill

Why do we live in grief?
And regularly breathe in our constant kill

Why do pleasures play men like dogs and bones
Poured on their face, a plague marched asunder

I’ve tasted the sensitivity of sin and bliss
Crappy as my bones now ready to croak
And my teeth shrinking off my jaws
I could’ve shrieked like a fool girl!

May I let my ego float over these centric cities?
And meet the very name of
Karma, Karma
Life, she spit me out her breath
Wise as I am
A little girl, a little girl I am

Karma, Karma
Love, she hung me on her neck
Wild as I am
But Mommy doesn’t know her name…

I’m now halfway more to the moon…
Now I’m halfway more to the moon…

"The Suitors" Art by Gustave Moreau

“The Suitors” Art by Gustave Moreau

Dear citizens, please mark your plate;
Singular verse in every order
Symptoms are for lunatic
Robotic mercantilism

Dear citizens,
You are now reaching an unknown era;
Madmen are flawless
Poets are enchant less
We are the mannequins of our devilish wisdom
The un-admitting widower
Thus we could’ve slept slower
Into the arm of our Hungarian lover
So sleep, sleep late ‘til you

Planetarians subsidiary
Directory underwater
Equilibrium Management
Numerous incentives

The fairy is burning
The monument is breaking
The temples are lacking
And dancing us in

Mad. Yes… let’s be mad with
Our sensual harassment consistency…

Kill, Kill

That flavor… that wills us to kill

This Document,

is to Kill.


I Pity

…us for this.

Author’s note:

Written in 2007 (writing.com), very emotional verses which assaulted my curiosity somewhere in a mid-afternoon. It represents an early state whenever Chaos within the Self manifest itself. My special thanks to Biblioklept (truly one of my inspiring analyst!) for bringing The Suitors artwork to public attention… Again, thank you 🙂

2 responses

  1. staviolatte

    Thank you Tokoni, very glad that it interest you. But the credit shall goes to Gustave Moreau and Biblioklept for triggering back this intriguing thoughts.


    March 2, 2015 at 15:09

  2. interesting!


    March 2, 2015 at 15:02

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