| *as nice as the stars, violets & lattes*

Poetry (2015)

The Redeemer Constanta


It was just like before..

The callings of Melchizedek

When people re-read the Book

To decipher the re-linings



It was just like before..

The whispers of the holy moon forest

When people do research on the Manuscript

To download the New System


Hush now.. hear it..

It was just like before..

When seeing does not contain hearing

When hearing does not contain feeling

When feeling does not contain thinking

When thinking dies, and the vision..

..Left us only a paradigm’s concubine


The Eighth, Fifth, Fourth diagram resurfaces,

It is soon Full Human versus Full Human

For all in the sky of heavens and the deepest depths under, bear you the fruits of the two witnesses.

Before all this,

A place of rest and return to..  Your Sanctuary .