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My Romantic Letter to Omega (Universe) – Page 8

VIII. The 8th Wisdom

Gaze at the end of winter
To witness the next, rises

Just Beyond the Rim 

In one infinite circularian

A man-made ego

The conscious ones

Now versus its consciousness


What does it feels like?

To be able to taste the absolute sweetness? The so-called epithet of valor, a wine from the river of Sanga…?

What does it feels like…

To realize that all your magnificence is nothing but a mere relend-able gift.

It is now your wisdom, versus The Wisdom. Your words, versus The Word. Your standards, versus The Standard

And as lovely as the highness sensation that you probably hold so very dearly… what to be share of it is nothing quite what is seen.

Stay humble,

In the presence

Of the infinite awakening


Here goes the pen, again. Slowly, inhabited by life.

True Blue

Arise in motion the unconditional love

Harmlessly falls as a bolt of flowing water

Electrocute the symmetry of the sun and moon in precession

A secret language of impaling tears strikes me in a suave manner

Sweet love opens the womb of this earth

Motherly made an entrance for the Son within the Rainbow

Riddles-embracing-secrets written in these manlike eyes..

Perhaps, a fulfilling prophecy of the favor in the wound

To find me alive, again


Author’s note: 

The poem was written back in Nov 7, 2011 (facebook.com). Quietly just before another major changes happened in my life. It has a special meaning, indeed.