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Key #1 : Communicate Better with Your Partner | loveinbalance



Well, have words like these spoken by you or your partner? After several arguments and debate, whether to decide who’s doing what, who should be responsible for what and how it’s supposed to be done… (before eventually repeating the same end of the conversation again that had not been previously resolved completely). Read more…

Source: Key #1 : Communicate Better with Your Partner | loveinbalance

My Romantic Letter to Omega (Universe) – Page 17



“A zen of a small grass

Within drops of water, beyond them, a great light”

Good day Universe,

It’s been awhile since our last journey together to the unknown. It’s been awhile since I last extruded myself to you from all my hidden thoughts.. and it’s been awhile since I remember how a certain primordial feeling would felt like. Very private. Thus, not always enjoyable, not always comforting.. mostly, it was necessary at the start of it all.

I would like to have another private conversation again, with you.. Omega. Carry me to a place where everything’s right. Where the trees and your wise naturalities come into being and fully living. Where to be able to cherish.. is a highness state that is free for anyone who arrives to find each other.

Where nothing is in judgment, nothing is in count, nothing lurks under, nothing left unspoken, nothing left unshared, nothing left without sincerity.. and so everything that steps in and out, everything steps with honesty. Nothing ever need to be questioned, for the answers were right from the start.

..It was just like that night ..isn’t it? A night full of stars above the wide land of grasses, the monsoon breathe fast and slow, I remember the way to the ocean although everything seemed darker.. but your glowing paintings above us.. were mutually undemanding, unrelenting, unexplained.. too beautiful.. too memorable, too magnificent to exist. It was not of the earthly earth, It must be special, and quietly hidden. I assure myself from time-to-time.

It was like the vision of yesterday, just yesterday. How long has it been..? Sometimes, I wish I could recall the timeline where we are. No matter if it was in the past, or again in the future.. I just wanted to be present within it.

Now.. when I come to you, as a star, as a child, as a mature in-being, and present myself, again.. Please do, tell me more of the starshines stories.. I would really love to hear, to see, to feel… the chaste simplicity of our Being..

Beam us in.. into your multiversal language, of Your Everything.