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Knowing Your Children from How They Communicate | loveinbalance


Source: Knowing Your Children from How They Communicate | loveinbalance

Key #1 : Communicate Better with Your Partner | loveinbalance



Well, have words like these spoken by you or your partner? After several arguments and debate, whether to decide who’s doing what, who should be responsible for what and how it’s supposed to be done… (before eventually repeating the same end of the conversation again that had not been previously resolved completely). Read more…

Source: Key #1 : Communicate Better with Your Partner | loveinbalance

Sketchbook Recipe: Tati’s Sambal

Amazingly creative!! …and makes me hungry

That Lazy Crazy Lady Hazy

I drew this sambal recipe for Koosje Koene’s Storytelling klass on Sketchbook Skool. This recipe was given to me and my mom by an Indonesian nun named Tati, hence the title. (On that note, a klassmate did inform me that “tati” does mean something else in Indian – something not quite so appetizing.)

I do love this recipe! It’s mostly chili and tomatoes, which are two of my most favorite things to eat in the world. I haven’t had time to make it lately, but whenever I do I’ll eat it with pretty much anything.

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Repost: I thought I think too much

The Things I’ll tell My Kids

indonesia-children-garbage-dumpThis blogpost is a combination between my idealistic views and the hope of tomorrow. It’s about the things I’ll tell my kids.

1. Believe that whatever u have,there’s always someone that has better things than you..but most of all,there’s always someone out there than has none of the things that makes you happy.

2. Believe in whatever God or god or even gods you want..believe in anything that brings peace into your life.. I dont care about what you call your God,I only care that you believe in your God and that He or She will push you towards goodness.

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Repost: Before Starseeds Came To Earth (The Beginning)

In the midst of a serene space of 2 AM, a stonelike path leads to this beautiful video… Enjoy, the acceptance of the present moment.

My special thank you to spiritualconnectedness for sharing it to public attention.

passive voice.

An inspirational blog from Mr. Frausto, I also found his website (mrfraustoclassroom) as very 22x interestingly attractive in deciphering the creative brain! Thank you Mr. Frausto! Truly a pleasant visit here.

UP!::urban po'E.Tree(s)

passive voice.

And as the whole universe went into a blur, so as to reflect the chaos that surrounds, some hearts are not meant to be held down by earthly concerns. Reality is an ambiguous and subjective concern. Some of us are still aching for a return to our innocence, whence we were still much more pure, or I guess, purer. And yet still some of us lack concern for the remnants of the ashes on the ground from when we were much more alive.


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What kind of energy are YOU?

quick tips with great effect

Unveil The Love Within

Attitude is energy

~People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.~
~John C. Maxwell

How are you carrying yourself throughout the day? And what kind of energy are you carrying with you in a day?

Are you bringing in struggle?

Is it being unmotivated?

Are you being negative to people?



What kind of energy would you want to carry instead?







Healthy Humor



viktorFrankl quote

~A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.~
~Wade Boggs

If you’re around negative people, kindly remove yourself and welcome more positive people. If you are being put down by others, you won’t be able to function properly. Eat consciously with healthy foods and by taking in only the kinds of attitudes around you that influence you to grow and motivate…

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The Key is Willingness

A goodwill can make a pass 🙂

Daily Contemplation

Once we have placed the key of willingness in the lock and have the door ever so slightly open, we find that we can always open it some more. ~ TWELVE STEPS AND TWELVE TRADITIONS, p. 35

The willingness to give up my pride and self-will to a Power greater than myself has proved to be the only ingredient absolutely necessary to solve all of my problems today. Even the smallest amount of willingness, if sincere, is sufficient to allow God to enter and take control over any problem, pain, or obsession. My level of comfort is in direct relation to the degree of willingness I possess at any given moment to give up my self-will, and allow God’s will to be manifested in my life. With the key of willingness, my worries and fears are powerfully transformed into serenity. 

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The soul , multiple universes and quantum computer

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Soul Mates, Love and spirituality

What is the connection between the soul , the multiple worlds theory and quantum computer?

quantum worlds

The multiple universes theory is controversial, but some well-known scientists, physicists and astrophysicists tend to agree with the existence of parallel worlds which raises the possibility of multiple universes. Multiverse multi (multi-universe) is the so-called scientific concept, which they believe.

The first such possibility was raised by science fiction writer Jules declared in 1895 in his story “The door in the wall”. After 62 years, this idea was developed by Hugh Everett his graduate thesis at Princeton University. He claims that at any moment the universe is divided into numerous similar cases and the next, universes “newborn” and in some of these world you can be present.

According to Everett; When we make some choices, immediately one universe splits into two with different versions of the results.

In 1980, Andrei Linde, a scientist in Lebedev…

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Shake the Foundations

Destiny and Fate are the two sides that actually “not so familiar with each other”. Read about it more in this simply, nice & intriguing writing from John White 🙂

DoubleU = W


Shake the foundations of who you have become.

Was it all a matter of your choosing?

Is all that makes up who you are truly you?

Maybe another is inside you trying to escape.


Are you this person because you were programmed?

Can what you see within yourself rise to new heights?

Do you allow yourself room to meliorate?

You will never know until you shake the foundations.


Shake the foundations of those in power.

How did they achieve such a lofty stature?

Are they a malefactor of their position?

Perhaps they deceive through a false facade.


Should such potency be snatched away?

Could the time have come to topple their reign?

Have you made yourself aware of their character?

You will never know until you shake the foundations.


Shake the foundations of all that you see.

Do you see reality or find yourself deluded?

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