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My Romantic Letter to Omega (Universe) – Page 5


Breathe, into me. Very slowly… yes, very, very… slowly… You must be gentle to yourself, since you are after all…

a new spark, exquisitely and exclusively, being born…

My immaculate, Adiemus

My higher wanderer, my perfect isolation of 2 as 1

Is Being Arise

Aha! At halt please! Now this is too intriguing! If by any chance, this is a chosen period somewhere (I think?) in my quick memory where every secret, every scenario, every transition is rightfully mine to record — then how come (strangely, then) I do not remember? Such a naïve pointillism secrecy of Life and Death, isn’t it?

Oh my… there it goes my witty analysis! (actually, it’s only me being humiliated by my own logic—really!).

me, apparently thinking..

In a spanking way, I feel more senile than wise.

Well, you were being enthusiastically lazy in your first sacred months… very much — childlikethus, as always…

* We shall be near *