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Knowing Your Children from How They Communicate | loveinbalance


Source: Knowing Your Children from How They Communicate | loveinbalance

Repost: I thought I think too much

The Things I’ll tell My Kids

indonesia-children-garbage-dumpThis blogpost is a combination between my idealistic views and the hope of tomorrow. It’s about the things I’ll tell my kids.

1. Believe that whatever u have,there’s always someone that has better things than you..but most of all,there’s always someone out there than has none of the things that makes you happy.

2. Believe in whatever God or god or even gods you want..believe in anything that brings peace into your life.. I dont care about what you call your God,I only care that you believe in your God and that He or She will push you towards goodness.

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A Lil’ Girl Promise

an Old Picture of Me

Twas nite… and a lil’ girl was praying alone when her guardian angel flows into the room…

“Dear guardian angel,
I know you’d be sending my prayer to God, so would you please tell Him how I want to grow older and be better, and kinder, braver and smarter than the most people… Oh! And be very very beautiful too!”

The angel stood and looked down upon her… perhaps, the light being was smiling

“Your faithful child promise shall be fulfilled. Be fulfilled in yourself as you would like to fulfill for others. Now how would you like me to introduce yourself to Him…?

The lil’ girl wrote down a letter in a quick-witty manner

Oh! it’s a doodle of stars and hearts shaped in lovely colours


I know you remember me
(One of your lovely small beacon of Light ~♡)

Author’s Note:
Written in Jan 24, 2015 (path.com), a bedtime story for your lovely children, and to remember who you are*