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My Romantic Letter to Omega (Universe) – Page 7


I would like to tell you a secret

There’s something I see in the night rain…

He was dark.

It is as if his eyes becoming transparent, each day. Consuming the omnipotence.

I remember how people had given him many names… many callings…

Ah, but I prefer to call him a friend. A certain friend

There’s one time that I came unto him and asked the questions of the world… my world.

(Inside the mind of a child, what could be better?)

And there were many books that I carry with, too many books to propose with

His answers only, a smile.

Maybe, just once, I have heard him humming.

It’s like a big thunder that made even the trees awakened

Would you like to know how the sounds floated like?


He was lighter.

It is as if his eyes grew colorless, each moment. Absorbing the polarity.

There’s something I used to see in the night rain…

Although now it’s not like what I used to love… 

Between eclipses of each foundation…