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The Redeemer Constanta


It was just like before..

The callings of Melchizedek

When people re-read the Book

To decipher the re-linings



It was just like before..

The whispers of the holy moon forest

When people do research on the Manuscript

To download the New System


Hush now.. hear it..

It was just like before..

When seeing does not contain hearing

When hearing does not contain feeling

When feeling does not contain thinking

When thinking dies, and the vision..

..Left us only a paradigm’s concubine


The Eighth, Fifth, Fourth diagram resurfaces,

It is soon Full Human versus Full Human

For all in the sky of heavens and the deepest depths under, bear you the fruits of the two witnesses.

Before all this,

A place of rest and return to..  Your Sanctuary .

Repost: I thought I think too much

The Things I’ll tell My Kids

indonesia-children-garbage-dumpThis blogpost is a combination between my idealistic views and the hope of tomorrow. It’s about the things I’ll tell my kids.

1. Believe that whatever u have,there’s always someone that has better things than you..but most of all,there’s always someone out there than has none of the things that makes you happy.

2. Believe in whatever God or god or even gods you want..believe in anything that brings peace into your life.. I dont care about what you call your God,I only care that you believe in your God and that He or She will push you towards goodness.

Read more… via I thought I think too much.

Repost: Before Starseeds Came To Earth (The Beginning)

In the midst of a serene space of 2 AM, a stonelike path leads to this beautiful video… Enjoy, the acceptance of the present moment.

My special thank you to spiritualconnectedness for sharing it to public attention.

Misled Bless

Taken from the highs
Scraps of your wings
Bruises without notice
Like a sunburn grass

I redeemed my supra Zen
Within a sloppy column
My entry fee for wits
Pity, I’m filthy

Why, someone hides inside my
And ask an ear for a gift
Is charity that wry?

A heartfelt torment
I pushed on toward
The sickness of my find
Is felicity taking no grant?

The clouds are whispering
Answers within Riddles
In thunderous arousing
“Ask not, it has been given to you.”

But a foul body lasted
In a hallowing light
And the Fool was shred
By a crescent night

The mystery was not
Meant as easy gain
And violin strings… sad…
The Eight Arms, has it play

Author’s note:
Written before 2006 (personal portfolio / poetry.com), the content of the poetry itself has always tickled my curiosity, until the beautiful represented artwork from Michael Divine as the image above, completed the mystery puzzle. 🙂