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AYUBlog ini merupakan ruang spesifik mengenai seni di dalam rupa, yang mana bukan sekedar sebagai sebuah gambar, namun lebih kepada bagaimana mendapatkan pemahaman dari perjalanan sang Soul itu sendiri melalui sebuah gambar.

Terdengarnya rumit dan tak masuk akal yaa? 🙂

Padahal tidak serumit yang dipikirkan lho… jauh lebih mudah dipahami bila tanpa keraguan, tapi juga tidak “sesederhana” yang dibayangkan 🙂

Yuk, baca selengkapnya… via ۞ souldrawing.

My Romantic Letter to Omega (Universe) – Page 12



Beyond eons,

The sun brings forth what’s in the moon

The moon returns what’s in the sun

Beyond eons,

The red star enriches the ribbon of the silver strand

The silver strand nestled the domain of the red star

Beyond eons,

An immaculate gem of the purest translines waiting for a soft entrance…

Beyond eons,

A fascinating blaze of the most furious thrills eager to be subdued…

Beyond eons,

We do not question what is to be answered…

Beyond eons,

We do not answer what is to be questioned…

Beyond eons,

“A holy grail inspires All”



Beyond eons,

A complete union, is as what it is

Om. Namo. Bhagavate. Kamadeva

Subject ID56ISWJA6J15 | ۞ souldrawing

ID56ISWJA6J15Drawn in early 2015. The Subject of drawing is a middle-aged person who is currently active in the education industry. Uniquely different from the other Subjects I had met, the drawing result were more to an outline of dimensional diagram of his/her life journey. The picture above is a postered-edge copy of the original which already been given shadings and numerical identifications for private analysis.

via Subject ID56ISWJA6J15 | ۞ souldrawing.

Repost: Before Starseeds Came To Earth (The Beginning)

In the midst of a serene space of 2 AM, a stonelike path leads to this beautiful video… Enjoy, the acceptance of the present moment.

My special thank you to spiritualconnectedness for sharing it to public attention.