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My Romantic Letter to Omega (Universe) – Page 18



“There’s a great symbol in the sky

So complete as it is, interpreted into the multiverses of languages”


Do your chores, consume your good meal, have your decent prayers.

Multiply into goodness, care for each other, then.. as everything is ready in its precise moment, carry everything, everything… as far to the stars

As high as you can

(because you can)


Reconnect with the Divine

(because you can)

Did you notice recently? The aurora dance even quicker than lightning

Did you notice deeply? The most beautiful being already here to make their steps

Did you notice all over again? Everything is being fast-forwarded, no more rewind left behind.

“There’s an Open Gate

Formed as it is, by gentle arms”

“The storm has provided its role..”

It’s time to return Original, Starshines.

My Romantic Letter to Omega (Universe) – Page 17



“A zen of a small grass

Within drops of water, beyond them, a great light”

Good day Universe,

It’s been awhile since our last journey together to the unknown. It’s been awhile since I last extruded myself to you from all my hidden thoughts.. and it’s been awhile since I remember how a certain primordial feeling would felt like. Very private. Thus, not always enjoyable, not always comforting.. mostly, it was necessary at the start of it all.

I would like to have another private conversation again, with you.. Omega. Carry me to a place where everything’s right. Where the trees and your wise naturalities come into being and fully living. Where to be able to cherish.. is a highness state that is free for anyone who arrives to find each other.

Where nothing is in judgment, nothing is in count, nothing lurks under, nothing left unspoken, nothing left unshared, nothing left without sincerity.. and so everything that steps in and out, everything steps with honesty. Nothing ever need to be questioned, for the answers were right from the start.

..It was just like that night ..isn’t it? A night full of stars above the wide land of grasses, the monsoon breathe fast and slow, I remember the way to the ocean although everything seemed darker.. but your glowing paintings above us.. were mutually undemanding, unrelenting, unexplained.. too beautiful.. too memorable, too magnificent to exist. It was not of the earthly earth, It must be special, and quietly hidden. I assure myself from time-to-time.

It was like the vision of yesterday, just yesterday. How long has it been..? Sometimes, I wish I could recall the timeline where we are. No matter if it was in the past, or again in the future.. I just wanted to be present within it.

Now.. when I come to you, as a star, as a child, as a mature in-being, and present myself, again.. Please do, tell me more of the starshines stories.. I would really love to hear, to see, to feel… the chaste simplicity of our Being..

Beam us in.. into your multiversal language, of Your Everything.

My Romantic Letter to Omega (Universe) – Page 16


It was an unexpected quiet coffee shop in a Friday afternoon.

I walked in with the familiar feeling of being befriended. The comforting smiles of the staff, opens a glamorous humor as soon as I nestled my residing amusement in my favorite couch. Quickly I melted at the opening rise of the conversation..

“Your today’s Coffee?”

I grinned, my pointy finger seized itself onto the Mochaccino. The unusual selection exposed me to my childlike grin.

A friend came in. She lifted a topic in a quick tick. There we chatter along like two old friends, two learning geeks, two uncategorized mimic of Dante and Satre who made a turned out point on a big book on the table. It was like a quiz of mind, testing questions, and naturally, testing the answers. Since many things/cases seemed to have been forgiven, but not forgotten.

A peacefully harmful play of two brains slicing out their domain – A use of mind, to escape the mind – I tilted my head in a way and the other, shifting standards, too much milk in the coffee, reassuring the availability of my security… the cigar ran tasteless. Is it now updated or has it been outdated?

Another question, another stairway going up the temple and down the labyrinth, not very amusing… I tell you. But as the hour went by it became more obvious;

Sympathy might still bring harmful things, but Empathy is to never being harmful. 

Oho! A catchy tongue bite~ questioning the emotional intellectuality.

But once you have a clean thread of Feeling… you’ll soon realize again, that to forget, is to change the (past) case into blessings.

Surely it is one of the wisest humor of mankind. A force-slap to reshape the civilized manner –

Mostly, at stake.

My Romantic Letter to Omega (Universe) – Page 15



The seaside blue, in your eyes

Tells amorous things, about life

It perceives the triangular puzzle, a beaming-in

Like the lesson given, by a high priest


The “I” returning to the shell, swift and solemn nurturing shades

Catching the sun, the moon and every possible extract of the waves

Closing in, we are, into the next dimensional gain

“A day without learning, is like a day without sunshine”


Greetings, good friends. Tonight, I would like to share you a brief story of this week experience. Let us begin with the topic of“experiencing the downfall”. But let us define the term in not such a negative way, rather.. through a sideway. As you may have known, a sideway can bring you to alternative endings and different point of view.. Even so, a sideway may also put you in a state of being mentally worried, physically weighted and most of the times, weary.. and then loss.

Worried, weighted, weary.. are all the result of being not knowing, unable to control the result, unable to see things through. Yes, it is dark and sometimes blind hitting. It is a mysterious quest which can induce anger, fear, oblivion and confusion to the highest tension. Yet in the end, even after all the process, there is only “loss”- a loss for the weary body, loss for the weighted feeling and the loss of worries. Surprisingly, the only part within you that dominates these three aspects is nothing but your own Mind.

So let us imagine “the mind” as a very playful person, who is more than willing to become a master pantomime, a reflection of your own mirror. Just like a startup program in a computer that can only be accessed, when you hit the “Enter” button.

In other meaning, when you are giving it a permission to enter.

And so the mind can become a favorably provocative virtual companion. Which is actually Passive, not Active. Please remember this, your mind CAN become passive in certain special areas. Only, when you are giving it a permission to become passive. Why? Because the mind itself is not fully aware of its capacities. The mind is simply a very highly integrated technology in your body. The skill of manifesting its function lies within your Heartset, a quiet whisper of truth that mostly became alienated when is challenged with the condition of not-knowing.

This is a basic reminder which should be fair enough for your own foundation, of being You.

See the pattern, for when you notice the passing through it all, be it hardships, be it challenges, be it a stimulus. Whether losing it.. or winning it. In the end, there is only loss, not lost.. Only – a free zone – from any excessive energy-in-motions.

Therefore, in each unrelenting moments and in every possible breath, all that is left for you to have.. as ends meets, is just to be the best – of you. Again, it is not as complicated as you may think of, it is even much, much easier to understand when is not in doubt, but it is also not quite as simple as one would imagine..

May you have a starshine smile 🙂

My Romantic Letter to Omega (Universe) – Page 14



"Buddha Mandelbrot Fractal" Art by infiniteedge

“Buddha Mandelbrot Fractal” Art by infiniteedge

Here and now, this is the soothing of the dawn. A new age echoing. The clock-maker is in tune.

A timeline, refined.

It’s like the speeding light and its’ momentous gaze, notice how nature has presented it wisely that what has been rightfully yours, is now to take.

A form-mass re-activates the gentle-mass of inert angles. Hold still, for everything within is standing still.

There’s this forbidden twinning, a secret combining. It is simply a quiet composition which brings thrills of exotic ions… That is, your body.

So to remain deep in your sleep, remain light in your wavelengths. Muted. Brightened. You may not hear it and you may not see it, you may again become nothing even when you are fully feeling it.

Maintain your breath, this is the re-absorption of Samadhi. There’s a reversion to be completed with. Without you even watching, a scavenger was uniquely transformed as you were aroused… Where is it? There…

There it is…

In the liberation of dark and light.

My Romantic Letter to Omega (Universe) – Page 13



Dear Universe,

It has been an interesting week how you supported our rest with physical pauses.

It must be one of your personal pattern that the sky is frequently painted with adequate colours of unrelenting humidity and climate abstraction.

Plus the emotional tense that is beginning to become more suffocating… 

And yet, it is amusing how the sky have seemed to change faces as its other version… Just like a commuting twins between second birth in life…

But what can be so much to proud of… from a second birth of life?

Regardless of your achievement, it’s not about how old or young are you 

It only means, you have so much more to let go

And so much more in becoming mature


in waitingI wonder…

I wonder if I would still have any wonder of what it is that you have planned for the next scenario… And yet… I have none.

For as each moment passes, questions becomes invalid, answers becomes invisible, memories becomes a legend… And feelings… becomes a myth.

Curiosity has now succumbed to zero ground. And again, the same old lyric from a friendly song hummed itself along in my ears;

“How does it feels like if you’re the only one left who remembers?”

Sincerely, I pray that it will not happen.

For the taste of Scarlet, is both passionate and maddening.

One thing is for sure, although you have full authority to access everything you have had been through — throughout your entire lives — the authority is given only when, you ‘chose’ to remember. It’s true that the affirmation is as simple as learning to believe in it, but… please keep in mind that whatever the amazing process soon will be;

Mind your sincerity, mind your commitment, and most of all, to firstly mind your manners. 🙂

“…Like a Cheshire cat that brings numerous clue in a surprising manner
In the most least expected time in a cool summer holiday
When you suddenly realize that you are actually waiting for a storm to pass…”

And so the epic story will be repeated again and again, of a generation that will come much further, much more advance than you will ever imagine. A generation that surpasses its predecessors, completely. What can be more to a joy, than witnessing all that…? Somehow, the view will make you feel like an orange, a contemplated animated orange ready for a peel, to be puffed, squeezed and scrutinized into the multi-magical mixers. To be tasted as one of the absolute flavors in the everlasting stream of Mother Nature…

But then I asked the same questions to myself;

Would you make a complete blend of your original colours?
To make your stand strong, both beneath the air and above the waves
To embrace your inner Sisters and Brothers
To be completed in your Name

To make it actually happen

wondering what to do with the intriguing orange

me, wondering what to do with the intriguing orange

It is unexplainably melancholic and content in here…

Possibly, the heat wave has made its way to surpress some thoughts…

Surely, the forthcoming will be quite a good day for the quiet mind, Universe

Even enduring another date with the dominating Scarlet

It will be good to have a quiet day, indeed.

My Romantic Letter to Omega (Universe) – Page 12



Beyond eons,

The sun brings forth what’s in the moon

The moon returns what’s in the sun

Beyond eons,

The red star enriches the ribbon of the silver strand

The silver strand nestled the domain of the red star

Beyond eons,

An immaculate gem of the purest translines waiting for a soft entrance…

Beyond eons,

A fascinating blaze of the most furious thrills eager to be subdued…

Beyond eons,

We do not question what is to be answered…

Beyond eons,

We do not answer what is to be questioned…

Beyond eons,

“A holy grail inspires All”



Beyond eons,

A complete union, is as what it is

Om. Namo. Bhagavate. Kamadeva

My Romantic Letter to Omega (Universe) – Page 11


It is interesting, when a man is meant to be as human of kindness. Then what makes a man –

not yet a human?

If immortality is such a sweet inheritance to interface within,

then what made you unable to manifest its blessings?

There’s nothing more ridiculous than the unwillingness to appreciate your very private self at your present state.


How come

That it took great shouts of man, to move the heart of heavens

Then what does the heavens even effortlessly need to accomplish

…Just to move the heart of man?

How come


Another heart is ripe when you synchronize… If this is your way of embedding the unforgettable conversations then you have not made it anymore simpler than this.

Oh… affirm that I contribute with my best glorification

as what it is, just simplicity

chaste. simplicity.

My Romantic Letter to Omega (Universe) – Page 10



How the moon rises and sets

In a crossing repetition of gravity

Reminds of Tara, the name of a star

A phenomenal femininity

Have you heard of her?

There’s a sweet story to share from the peak of the mountains

Once a very very far place, spotted by the tiniest of minds

Once a very very dark place, visualized by the explorers of surrealism

Like a new full moon for a complete Woman

Once, appeared…

Just once in a while…

Like moonshine on the waves


When you open the entrance of the world inside you, realigns then an entrance to the flowering womb of compassion

A return to paradise of neutralities


Dearest Sir, Dearest Madam

It is funny,

How you greatly educated us all with your delighting topics

in a very consistent manner


A child sends regards, from here… from there… from everywhereNow

In becoming a more mature being

My Romantic Letter to Omega (Universe) – Page 9



I Remember You

“Good evening, …”

Someone address me by my name, with an oddly familiar tone of voice. It is so amusing, for everything else seems differ… so how can that be? Positively, it is a great pause at the first moment of impression — then, the sensation reattributes itself and enters… without me even inviting.

A coffee drips in, very, very subtly…

Just like a tunnel of flowing water that has never been blocked down, I cannot resist the temptation to recall the origin of something that perhaps is memorably eternal… Could it be any? Hmm…? But when the atomic sprinkle goes onlining… my linger-logic tampered me with its brilliant supremacy of questioning…

Questioning You.

But then I look into Your eloquent eye

One very fast breath — twitched me bright — then, brighter. I am now convenient in Your feelings.

The deep, deep nostalgia… would only come to deliver a significant progression to our worthy smiles…

None is necessary ever to be attached with.

Yes, it was a great pause since the first moment of impression… Oh, it has always been…

A quiet exalt.