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My Romantic Letter to Omega (Universe) – Page 4

“Whatever happen, remember this… You are always transforming”


Not quite beautiful as it sounds

Not quite delicate as you may think of… 

And not quite terrifying as you would imagine

My hands are trembling.

The shifting sounds eradicate all gravity. The vast tentacles, reshapes – Bundling – Spheres – Regenerating twins.

My only hope is for you to perceive everything… yes, Everything…in here.

For Universe… is such a vast name, to remember…

Then, the furthest shout magnifies every matter ablaze in one very, very loud shout within.


Did you hear? When they inquire your supremacy tablets of knowledge. Did you listen?


A book of mystery is all I have now in my pocket. An odd shape of small, thin rigid paper sliding through tiny fingers. My signature seems becoming invisible… as the rain of stronghold of the purest of golden… make everything now… particularly just like…

"stardust"Aum. Bhur. Bhuvah. Swah