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Poetry (2001)

Wings of The Blue Angels

Rays of Sunshine

I walked the skies, with my bare feet
With no bar nor chain, could bangle me
I stood before the wings, that had betaken me
As I raised my hands, bedazzled by the sun

Between my anger, my ache,
And my admission…
I am aimless, yet full of affection
My sight is beyond sights, my voices will cries out the seas
As I canvas myself, to feel the devotion in me

But when I closed my eyes… Then I had bound myself

Into the Extreme Space,
That has gathered your Azure Dreams

Author’s note:

Papi_Iman Soekotjo

My grandpa

Written in 2001, my very first English poem (poetry.com) and surprisingly was selected for the yearly book finalist. The poem was triggered by my misses – a year after my beloved grandfather passed away. A great man to his family, an obedient meditator of mother nature, and a dedicated pilot in the airforce.