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My Romantic Letter to Omega (Universe) – Page 1

I. Good morning, Universe.

I notice the altruistic sky of yours is about to board on this city… yet, even after trials of efforts… my mind hasn’t found an entrance to my serenity… I am, anything but being still. However, I have been (if not a secret) admirer to your discerning lights upon this quiet district, in which the way you have had my eyes opened and properly neutralized through these colorless walls made from reluctant manifest of sunny facets and multiple warmth… I must say, my curiosity has been built for you, truthfully… but even though your present weather came charmer than before, my sands of thoughts has not yet agreed to compromise with me, still. But then, the exaltation of solitude is keeping me in persistent past-sphere memories—of how I found myself a no company… it’s just like… the remarkable contrast of the currents you had, deep within. Then suddenly… suddenly, you made me withdraw myself from the unity of my pen and me. For this most wondrous, this warmest treat of simply yet perfect black coffee has beautified my sleepiness to its most graceful extent. The swirling dark plane of it all… is your sweet remedy, I presume.

But I cannot sleep… not just yet —