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Friends & Co-workers for Good

The SixSigma
Left-upwards (Ayu, Mary Pingkan)                                       Right-upwards (Imbi, Indah, Aya)

What is the SixSigma? Aha~? Well, it’s a spontaneous word that sounds sooo very catchy since the first time we met each other for an open group discussion (just because there were six of us at the moment) but a further explanation of the name shall follow afterwards :). Please let me share to you first-thing-first about this fun and lovingly unique companions.

The lady with the gray shawl on the right, is Mba Imbi*, a researcher and analyst of BaZi, including the elemental crystals for health therapy. You may see her daily sharing about health tips are combined with her magnificent love for essential oils (hmm~ love that stuff). My very first impression of her is her jolly smile… I noticed then, Mba Imbi regularly practices Yoga and holds great interest in the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah. Even so, she stated all that with a very relaxed and nicest smile :). She has a very beautiful, smart daughter named Kei, which I can’t wait to meet!

*(Mba is a title given to a woman friend in a casual manner, it would also mean a sister if placed in a family line)

The woman with red scarf next to her, is Ibu Indah*, what can I say of her? I can only tell you that she is my favorite inspiration. Started as a dancer of the Balinese Legong Keraton known to the presidential court and embassies at a very young age and also the first model for female magazine “Majalah Gadis” (somekind of a cute Voque magz for girls back then). After her marriage, she became one of the very first few designers in the 80’s specialized in business attire, then enveloped her capacity since the late 80’s as a speaker, trainer, educator for government and embassies, and now as author for wide subjects in Public Speaking, Professional Image, Personality Development and Etiquette; The “Brand Yourself” book. You may see her usually in her best look, very grooming and with a good taste for finer things in life – her special attention is for the best quality of education.

*(Ibu is a title given to a woman who is considered senior or with high respect, or a mother if placed in a family line)

Next to her also in red, is another renowned model in the 80’s, Tante Aya*, a very beautiful (not to mention very tall) plus slim figure of this modest woman might appear contrast to the usual public image of her previous occupation, but she is actually one of the sincerest and simple person I ever met. Tante Aya received multiplicity in the past memorable years which has now strongly trained her to dive into the deeper meanings of the verses of Surah in the Al Qu’ran and the numerology of it, the Tauhid. A book of her personal journey has also been published; “The Soraya’s Clue”.

*(Tante is a title given in a formal manner to a woman of senior age, it would also mean an auntie if placed in a family line)

The white haired funky lady in style with funny looking expression at the upward left is Tante Pingkan. An expert in Broadcast and Media, also a film producer. You may see her constantly with her sharp analysis for social politic related to the media. A very dedicated person in what she does. We may address her as the funny oracle due to her amazingly creative observation. More of this funny person, shall be revealed—somewhere—on this blog.

Next to her, in the light green blouse, is Mba Mary. The lady with radiance of mystery. Mba Mary is a diligent learner in the philosophy of Javanese Wayang since her childhood along with her daily passion as an interior designer. Her high fondness of the Wayang philosophy and its reflective stories of wisdom is gladly shared just to anyone through the art of Remi Wayang.

And nooow… hey it’s me!! The face that you would see less or more in this blog! 😀 but you already know a bit about me, right? So let’s altogether just lovely jump into the conclusion~


They are all my teachers, and my mirrors.

Each is helping each other to become more stature, and to be human

I can only share to you, that everyone is transforming

And when you realize that you do too…

Then be consequent in your journey


May you have a starshine smile