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My Romantic Letter to Omega (Universe) – Page 15



The seaside blue, in your eyes

Tells amorous things, about life

It perceives the triangular puzzle, a beaming-in

Like the lesson given, by a high priest


The “I” returning to the shell, swift and solemn nurturing shades

Catching the sun, the moon and every possible extract of the waves

Closing in, we are, into the next dimensional gain

“A day without learning, is like a day without sunshine”


Greetings, good friends. Tonight, I would like to share you a brief story of this week experience. Let us begin with the topic of“experiencing the downfall”. But let us define the term in not such a negative way, rather.. through a sideway. As you may have known, a sideway can bring you to alternative endings and different point of view.. Even so, a sideway may also put you in a state of being mentally worried, physically weighted and most of the times, weary.. and then loss.

Worried, weighted, weary.. are all the result of being not knowing, unable to control the result, unable to see things through. Yes, it is dark and sometimes blind hitting. It is a mysterious quest which can induce anger, fear, oblivion and confusion to the highest tension. Yet in the end, even after all the process, there is only “loss”- a loss for the weary body, loss for the weighted feeling and the loss of worries. Surprisingly, the only part within you that dominates these three aspects is nothing but your own Mind.

So let us imagine “the mind” as a very playful person, who is more than willing to become a master pantomime, a reflection of your own mirror. Just like a startup program in a computer that can only be accessed, when you hit the “Enter” button.

In other meaning, when you are giving it a permission to enter.

And so the mind can become a favorably provocative virtual companion. Which is actually Passive, not Active. Please remember this, your mind CAN become passive in certain special areas. Only, when you are giving it a permission to become passive. Why? Because the mind itself is not fully aware of its capacities. The mind is simply a very highly integrated technology in your body. The skill of manifesting its function lies within your Heartset, a quiet whisper of truth that mostly became alienated when is challenged with the condition of not-knowing.

This is a basic reminder which should be fair enough for your own foundation, of being You.

See the pattern, for when you notice the passing through it all, be it hardships, be it challenges, be it a stimulus. Whether losing it.. or winning it. In the end, there is only loss, not lost.. Only – a free zone – from any excessive energy-in-motions.

Therefore, in each unrelenting moments and in every possible breath, all that is left for you to have.. as ends meets, is just to be the best – of you. Again, it is not as complicated as you may think of, it is even much, much easier to understand when is not in doubt, but it is also not quite as simple as one would imagine..

May you have a starshine smile 🙂