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My Romantic Letter to Omega (Universe) – Page 13



Dear Universe,

It has been an interesting week how you supported our rest with physical pauses.

It must be one of your personal pattern that the sky is frequently painted with adequate colours of unrelenting humidity and climate abstraction.

Plus the emotional tense that is beginning to become more suffocating… 

And yet, it is amusing how the sky have seemed to change faces as its other version… Just like a commuting twins between second birth in life…

But what can be so much to proud of… from a second birth of life?

Regardless of your achievement, it’s not about how old or young are you 

It only means, you have so much more to let go

And so much more in becoming mature


in waitingI wonder…

I wonder if I would still have any wonder of what it is that you have planned for the next scenario… And yet… I have none.

For as each moment passes, questions becomes invalid, answers becomes invisible, memories becomes a legend… And feelings… becomes a myth.

Curiosity has now succumbed to zero ground. And again, the same old lyric from a friendly song hummed itself along in my ears;

“How does it feels like if you’re the only one left who remembers?”

Sincerely, I pray that it will not happen.

For the taste of Scarlet, is both passionate and maddening.

One thing is for sure, although you have full authority to access everything you have had been through — throughout your entire lives — the authority is given only when, you ‘chose’ to remember. It’s true that the affirmation is as simple as learning to believe in it, but… please keep in mind that whatever the amazing process soon will be;

Mind your sincerity, mind your commitment, and most of all, to firstly mind your manners. 🙂

“…Like a Cheshire cat that brings numerous clue in a surprising manner
In the most least expected time in a cool summer holiday
When you suddenly realize that you are actually waiting for a storm to pass…”

And so the epic story will be repeated again and again, of a generation that will come much further, much more advance than you will ever imagine. A generation that surpasses its predecessors, completely. What can be more to a joy, than witnessing all that…? Somehow, the view will make you feel like an orange, a contemplated animated orange ready for a peel, to be puffed, squeezed and scrutinized into the multi-magical mixers. To be tasted as one of the absolute flavors in the everlasting stream of Mother Nature…

But then I asked the same questions to myself;

Would you make a complete blend of your original colours?
To make your stand strong, both beneath the air and above the waves
To embrace your inner Sisters and Brothers
To be completed in your Name

To make it actually happen

wondering what to do with the intriguing orange

me, wondering what to do with the intriguing orange

It is unexplainably melancholic and content in here…

Possibly, the heat wave has made its way to surpress some thoughts…

Surely, the forthcoming will be quite a good day for the quiet mind, Universe

Even enduring another date with the dominating Scarlet

It will be good to have a quiet day, indeed.


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