| *as nice as the stars, violets & lattes*

My Romantic Letter to Omega (Universe) – Page 9



I Remember You

“Good evening, …”

Someone address me by my name, with an oddly familiar tone of voice. It is so amusing, for everything else seems differ… so how can that be? Positively, it is a great pause at the first moment of impression — then, the sensation reattributes itself and enters… without me even inviting.

A coffee drips in, very, very subtly…

Just like a tunnel of flowing water that has never been blocked down, I cannot resist the temptation to recall the origin of something that perhaps is memorably eternal… Could it be any? Hmm…? But when the atomic sprinkle goes onlining… my linger-logic tampered me with its brilliant supremacy of questioning…

Questioning You.

But then I look into Your eloquent eye

One very fast breath — twitched me bright — then, brighter. I am now convenient in Your feelings.

The deep, deep nostalgia… would only come to deliver a significant progression to our worthy smiles…

None is necessary ever to be attached with.

Yes, it was a great pause since the first moment of impression… Oh, it has always been…

A quiet exalt.


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