| *as nice as the stars, violets & lattes*

My Romantic Letter to Omega (Universe) – Page 3



It has been fun

And now, let us both go

My dearest, my very best…

The moon might have affected me tonight for everything felt too momentarily… Please, do not beguile me with your disguising manner for the heart whom we enthroned upon this new stage… is a fragile one.

Perhaps, the most wondrous, too

There goes a lover with a startling eye… too dazzling with perceptions that now begin to invite my sentimental biases… ah, but for how long the very spark left the skies? …why do we have to remember…?

Why do we need to remember

Glitched, flavored and obscured… I am again, pleading the nil between until every bits of my arrogance is penetrated… recall this, as the one playful tension where you and I are to be submitted—

And just before it passes the midnight of the night of third—a compass rule the skies… my only obedience for being here is to confirm your beautiful image… so very closely… but in an elegant crawl of chastity, yours are rushing, hurling me much deeper into your realm of expressions—

The formidable intrusion of becoming solid that you give, have significantly—excites me

It is in our highest remedy as it is in our most humble formation

Now we dance, to birth.

 Therefore, my dearest, my very best…

My most wonderful…

It is only a short detach.

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